June 11,2022 

The fifth solo release cd from Christopher Jacobson,"Other side of Midnite",is currently in the works.This will feature Chris on all guitar,bass,and vocals.Kenny"Rhino"Earl on drums,slated for a Spring 2023 release..

Anyone interested in purchasing a previous cd,or any of the available Untaymed cds,please email Chris:ChristopherJacobson@startmail.com..Releases are also available on Ebay,in the Christopher James Antiques Ebay store.

Current Untaymed live show lineup is:

Mike Smith-Drums

Mike Bushey-Guitar

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October 2019 

The 4th solo cd from Christopher Jacobson,"Roledex Inferno", is available now.

Features guitar solos by Mike Bushey:Untaymed,Jonas Hornqvist:ex-Treasure Land,Deathriders.

Drums by:Kenny"Rhino"Earl:Ex-Manowar,Angels of Babylon,HolyHell.



December 2018 

The long awaited cd is still in the works.We are hoping to have an early 2019 release.

The 4th Christopher Jacobson solo cd is near completion and is slated for an early Spring 2019 release. This cd will feature Kenny"Rhino" Earl on drums, Brian Grady on lead guitar. Mike Bushey also appears on one track for lead guitar. All rhythm guitars, bass, and vocals will be by Christopher Jacobson.

Tracks to include: Morning Comes, Burn it Down, Lady, Frozen Eyes, Last Time, and We Are One.

The fifth solo cd will…

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End of Summer update 

CD still in the works. Scheduling issues have post-poned, but it's the priority to get it wrapped up!

We have some more great shows in the works. See the Calender for dates!

Just recently performed with Dio Disciples at The Chance in Poughkeepsie and it was a phenomenal night! Thanks to all who attended.

Joe Paciolla (bass) has departed the band. We thank him for his services with us, getting to perform again after all the years, and wish him nothing but the best coming from us as friends and bandmates.

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New with Untaymed..(incl. lots of video) 

The band is still busy with preparations for recording the new CD. All the material is written and just needs some more studio time for completion.

Recent live performance videos are posted below!

We have the recent pleasure of having our old friend and bass player (Joe Paciolla) from the early 90's back with us!

We have also added a rhythm guitar player (Rich Sorensen). Rich brings a great dynamic to the band for a fuller sound and a big contributor to backing vocals.

Recently, we performed at Upstate…

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2017 News 

It's been way too long since an update...2016 ended in November,with Untaymed playing a successful show at Chrome Bar in Waterford,N.Y.This night featured some of the original songs along with covers by Ratt,Slaughter,Queensryche,and Grim Reaper..

2017 has had the Dokken cover act(Rokken),doing a successful show on May 13th at Chrome Bar.

The new Christopher Jacobson solo cd is slated to be completed in fall of 2017,and features Kenny "Rhino"Earl on drums, and Brian Grady on lead guitar.Anyone interested…

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2016 Live Lineup. 

-Bob Knutz--Drums,Mike Bushey--Guitar,Scotty Talmon,Bass,Christopher Jacobson--Vocals.

This will mark the 25th anniversary year of the band.




New Cd Completed... 

The second Christopher Jacobson Cd has been completed and pressed.Anyone interested in this can email untamed227@yahoo.com or put in a search on Ebay for Christopher Jacobson Cd.This will be available soon on CDBABY as well.

This cd features:Chris Bickley-Guitar, Russ Harnish- Guitar,Scott Verner-Drums,Don Anderson-Drums,and Kenny Earl-Drums..


New Christopher Jacobson Cd completed 

The second Christopher Jacobson cd,in the style of Untaymed,has just been completed.The cd will contain five new tracks and one top notch remix of Desperate Heart,previousley released off of the 2006 release,Untaymed 4.The graphics are the only thing left to do.Anyone wishing to obtain one of these can email Chris direct at untamed227@yahoo.com.

This cd will also be available at cdbaby.com upon completion.

2014 lineup 

Mike Bushey-Guitar

Bob Knuth-Drums

Joe Hanna-Bass and harmony vocals

Christopher Jacobson-Vocals