June 11,2022

The fifth solo release cd from Christopher Jacobson,"Other side of Midnite",is currently in the works.This will feature Chris on all guitar,bass,and vocals.Kenny"Rhino"Earl on drums,slated for a Spring 2023 release..

Anyone interested in purchasing a previous cd,or any of the available Untaymed cds,please email Chris:ChristopherJacobson@startmail.com..Releases are also available on Ebay,in the Christopher James Antiques Ebay store.

Current Untaymed live show lineup is:

Mike Smith-Drums

Mike Bushey-Guitar

Lee Knickerbocker-Bass

Christopher Jacobson-Vocals..

Live performances in 2022 are very limited due to many factors,but we still are and will continue to be a unit,currently in our 31st year..

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