UNtaymed-On The Prowl(Independent) I was lucky enough to discover Untaymed through Rock Stakk Records-Osaka,Japan,and thanks to the band who was kind enough to send me their material,I listened to the bands' debut Cd,which came out in 1998.The U.S. band is yet unsigned but they're really active,by giving many concerts and building all those years a stable fame in the U.S. underground scene.Untaymed opened for many famous acts such as:Judas Priest,Quiet Riot ,Angel,Stephen Pearcy,Sebastian Bach,Ratt,WASP,Joey Belladonna,Lillian Axe,Vicious Rumors,and Dokken.Their musical style has definitley two directions:Powerful Hard rock,with catchy and melodic choruses,but also strong Power Metal with might and decent musicianship.Judging the "Hard Rock" side of the band,I should say that I enjoyed tracks like "Key To Your Heart"(once again,the chorus forces the listener to sing-along)and the emotional ballad"I'm not Afraid".Untaymed really make a difference to their sound when things are getting "heavier!"'On The Prowl",the songs that kicks-off the CDis a double bass attacker with a speedy chorus,but my picks from the album are "Animal","Flirtin' '99","Tear Down The Walls"(with high -pitched chorus from Chris Jacobson!)and my favourite "Lite In The Storm"(magnificent song,imagine that the band claims that this is their classy moment!)The band was defintley in thier glory when they composed these storming Power Metal tracks! Chris Jacobson has a voice that fits the music,while the guitars from Micheal Vaughnadd power and the precision to the bands thundering drums from Dan Roberts.I think that the band starves for success and I really wish them well since they can achieve many things! I'm sure that they can go of their new album! Untaymed have also a variety of 3 more releases(including their latest release),so check their web-site http://www.untaymedmusic.com on how you can order their stuff.Bands' myspace profile: www.myspace.com/untaymed Dimitris Starakis” - Dimitris Starakis

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Untaymed "1994"-Released 1994,Re-released 2007(Independent)-available at Rock Stakk Records-Osaka,Japan Untaymed "II"-Released April 1995-Rereleased 2007 (Independent) Max Trax Recording Studios-"A Compilation of Diversity"-released 1995-Overit Multimedia..Tracks 8 and 10-Tell the Truth,I am the One.. On The Prowl"Release 1998-"Re-released 2006(independent) Untaymed"IV"-Release April 2006(Independent) Perris Records Network Cd #1-Released April 2006(Perris Records)-Track#6-Tear Down The Walls.. The Sniper"-Released April 2007(independent) Christopher Jacobson-CJJ 2010"-released July 2010-independent..” - Christopher Jacobson

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Puren US Metal verspruht die amerikanische Band Untaymed auf ihrem ursprunglich 1998 veroffentlichten Album On The Prowl.Bereits 1991 gegrunter 7 Jahre gedauert bis die Band endlich das Tonstudio geentert hat,um dieses Album einzuspielen.Mainman von Untaymed ist Sanger Christopher jacobson,der mit seinem kraftigen Organ bei dieser Art von Musik wie die Faust auf's Auge passt,und bei Songs Tear Down the waslls auch schon mal hohere Tonlagen anschlagt.dazu kommt,das Drummer Dan Roberts wirklich weib,wie man die Drums effektvoll einsetzt,d.h. die Doublebass-Parts haben wirklich Power und treiben die Songs formlich nach vorne.Da die 11 Songs auf On The Prowl auch von tempo her unterschiedlich gestaltet sind,wird es nicht eintonig,so dass man als Anhanger von Bands wie Lynch Mob,Riot,Wasp oder shok Paris diese CD ruhig mit auf seinen Einkaufzettel nehmen kann.Angeblich plant Christopher Jacobson sogar cin komplett ncucs Album cinzuspielen.Diese und weitere Informationen findet man auf Website der band:www.untaymedmusic.com (7.5 punkte/CB)”

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