New with Untaymed..(incl. lots of video)

The band is still busy with preparations for recording the new CD. All the material is written and just needs some more studio time for completion.

Recent live performance videos are posted below!

We have the recent pleasure of having our old friend and bass player (Joe Paciolla) from the early 90's back with us!

We have also added a rhythm guitar player (Rich Sorensen). Rich brings a great dynamic to the band for a fuller sound and a big contributor to backing vocals.

Recently, we performed at Upstate Concert Hall and had the opportunity to open for Last In Line (featuring Vivian Campbell and Vinny Appice - both of Dio fame).

Our next show will be with Rock and Roll greats Y&T at The Chance Theater Feb. 23rd 2018.

We hope to have the CD wrapped up as soon as possible and look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming show and shows!!!

Video of "Ghost" and "Flirtin With Disaster" (Untaymed originals) filmed at Upstate Concert Hall

Video of "Bandit" (Untaymed original) filmed at Upstate Concert Hall

Video of "On the Prowl" (Untaymed original) filmed at Upstate Concert Hall

Below is a video from November 2, 2017 filmed at Chrome (Waterford, N.Y.) for the "Rewind the Time" benefit for homeless veterans. We are performing covers of Vicious Rumors "Don't Wait for Me" and Queensryche "I Don't Believe in Love".

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