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Untaymed: News

December 2018 - December 4, 2018

The long awaited cd is still in the works.We are hoping to have an early 2019 release.

The 4th Christopher Jacobson solo cd is near completion and is slated for an early Spring 2019 release. This cd will feature Kenny"Rhino" Earl on drums, Brian Grady on lead guitar. Mike Bushey also appears on one track for lead guitar. All rhythm guitars, bass, and vocals will be by Christopher Jacobson.

Tracks to include: Morning Comes, Burn it Down, Lady, Frozen Eyes, Last Time, and We Are One.

The fifth solo cd will begin work in Summer of 2019, with 2 drum tracks already locked in with Kenny"Rhino"Earl.

End of Summer update - August 18, 2018

CD still in the works. Scheduling issues have post-poned, but it's the priority to get it wrapped up!

We have some more great shows in the works. See the Calender for dates!

Just recently performed with Dio Disciples at The Chance in Poughkeepsie and it was a phenomenal night! Thanks to all who attended.

Joe Paciolla (bass) has departed the band. We thank him for his services with us, getting to perform again after all the years, and wish him nothing but the best coming from us as friends and bandmates.

In the interim, Chris Jacobson will be filling in on bass duties until a permanent replacement is found. 

New with Untaymed..(incl. lots of video) - December 2, 2017

The band is still busy with preparations for recording the new CD. All the material is written and just needs some more studio time for completion.

Recent live performance videos are posted below!

We have the recent pleasure of having our old friend and bass player (Joe Paciolla) from the early 90's back with us!

We have also added a rhythm guitar player (Rich Sorensen). Rich brings a great dynamic to the band for a fuller sound and a big contributor to backing vocals.

Recently, we performed at Upstate Concert Hall and had the opportunity to open for Last In Line (featuring Vivian Campbell and Vinny Appice - both of Dio fame).

Our next show will be with Rock and Roll greats Y&T at The Chance Theater Feb. 23rd 2018.

We hope to have the CD wrapped up as soon as possible and look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming show and shows!!!

Video of "Ghost" and "Flirtin With Disaster" (Untaymed originals) filmed at Upstate Concert Hall

Video of "Bandit" (Untaymed original) filmed at Upstate Concert Hall

Video of "On the Prowl" (Untaymed original) filmed at Upstate Concert Hall

Below is a video from November 2, 2017 filmed at Chrome (Waterford, N.Y.) for the "Rewind the Time" benefit for homeless veterans. We are performing covers of Vicious Rumors "Don't Wait for Me" and Queensryche "I Don't Believe in Love".

2017 News - June 23, 2017

It's been way too long since an update...2016 ended in November,with Untaymed playing a successful show at Chrome Bar in Waterford,N.Y.This night featured some of the original songs along with covers by Ratt,Slaughter,Queensryche,and Grim Reaper..

2017 has had the Dokken cover act(Rokken),doing a successful show on May 13th at Chrome Bar.

The new Christopher Jacobson solo cd is slated to be completed in fall of 2017,and features Kenny "Rhino"Earl on drums, and Brian Grady on lead guitar.Anyone interested in obtaining a cd can send a request to look for the cd to be available through CdBaby distribution.

The long overdue 5th Maskerade cd,"Another Life", has just been completed as of May 2017.Tracks included are:Move to the Beat(2010 remix),In My Dreams(2010 remix),Another Life,U're Love(6.26.08),Don't Go(6.26.08),and Another Life (Before).. 

Also due out for Fall/Winter 2017 is the 8th Untaymed studio release.This will be a full length cd..

2016 Live Lineup. - October 30, 2015

-Bob Knutz--Drums,Mike Bushey--Guitar,Scotty Talmon,Bass,Christopher Jacobson--Vocals.

This will mark the 25th anniversary year of the band.




New Cd Completed... - July 17, 2014

The second Christopher Jacobson Cd has been completed and pressed.Anyone interested in this can email or put in a search on Ebay for Christopher Jacobson Cd.This will be available soon on CDBABY as well.

This cd features:Chris Bickley-Guitar, Russ Harnish- Guitar,Scott Verner-Drums,Don Anderson-Drums,and Kenny Earl-Drums..


New Christopher Jacobson Cd completed - June 20, 2014

The second Christopher Jacobson cd,in the style of Untaymed,has just been completed.The cd will contain five new tracks and one top notch remix of Desperate Heart,previousley released off of the 2006 release,Untaymed 4.The graphics are the only thing left to do.Anyone wishing to obtain one of these can email Chris direct at

This cd will also be available at upon completion.

2014 lineup - November 28, 2013

Mike Bushey-Guitar

Bob Knuth-Drums

Joe Hanna-Bass and harmony vocals

Christopher Jacobson-Vocals

LIVE DVD - September 6, 2013

Recently,a dvd from Saratoga Winners of the October 2004 lineup has been completed and pressed.Anyone wishing to have a copy please email Chris


Other merchandise recently pressed:Our second live DVD.This one from 1995.This was shot at Saratoga Winners,and this night was to celebrate the release of Untaymed "2".At the time it was a "TAPE" release show.

I also reordered 10 copies of the 2007 Untaymed cd,"The Sniper".Anyone wishing to have a copy please email Chris at:

Link to Live videos - March 3, 2013

Click on this link to view live videos of Project Retro(80's metal cover band),and Meanstreet,Van Halen cover band,both of which Chris sings for..

What's going on.. - January 31, 2013

The current "live" Untaymed lineup for 2013 is Mike Bushey-gtr.,Bob Knutz--drums,Christopher Jacobson- Vocals and bass..
The 5th Maskerade Cd,"Another Life" is well under way with the first track,"Another Life",very close to completion..
Chris is joining 80's cover band Second Heat,on bass guitar for 2013 live shows.
The second Christopher Jacobson solo cd is expected to be complete for the Fall of 2013.Drums are done by Scott Verner and Kenny Earl(Ex-Manowar).Guitar solos will be done by Chris Bickley and Russ Harnish(Ex-Blitzen).Songs include:Fire,Undercover,Never Let Go,and Revenge..Plus remixes have been done for most of the Untaymed IV cd,with huge improvements to the guitar and drum sounds.So far,Desperate Heart is the stand out track and will likely be featured on the new Christopher Jacobson cd..

New Live Lineup for 2013 - September 4, 2012

Chris Jacobson--Vocals
Mike bushey-Gtrs.
Scotty Talmon-Bass
Bob Knutz-Drums

2012 Live lineup - January 16, 2012

2012 Untaymed lineup:
Christopher Jacobson-vocals
Mike Bushey-guitar/bvocals
Scotty Talmon-bass/bvocals
Mike Smith-drums/bvocals

Don Anderson/Untaymed IV - May 30, 2011

As we near the one year anniversary of Don Andersons' passing I've decided to take the UNTAYMED IV cd,which Don played drums on,and re-issue it.All the mixes will be as they were.The cover art will remain as it was.But the surface of the actual cd itself has been changed in a way to honor Don..Anyone in the local Colonie,N.Y. area interested in one of these just drop me an email as they will be issued free through the mail and any upcoming shows that I may be doing.ETA on the delivery date of these is June 14..

Music news - May 15, 2011

--Just did my last show with cover band Blackjack Romeo at Fuller Roadhouse in Colonie,Ny.
--Maskerade-"Crimes at Midnite"cd now available at --Currently looking to revamp live Untaymed lineup.We are in need of a bassist and drummer to do so..
--May 21st I will be joining forces with Mike Smith doing my first live Caroline Blue performance,on bass, since 2007...
--Two songs are near completion for the next Christopher Jacobson cd.This cd will feature Chris
Bickley on lead guitar and Kenny "Rhino" Earl on drums..
Tentative release for Fall 2011..

MAskerade News - January 23, 2011

Maskerade "2k3" is now available through mail order only.This cd was supposed to be the original first release.This cd features all of the original tracks recorded from 2001 through 2003 at Motherbrain Studios,Albany,N.Y.
To purchase send a request to:Christopher Jacobson
P.O.Box 12334
Albany,N.Y. 12212

Currently being pressed for a February 8,2011 release is the 4th Maskerade cd,"Crimes at Midnite".This will be available through mailorder and cdbaby,and soon after through digital download...

20 years-- - December 25, 2010

2011 will mark the 20th year of the band..Stay tuned for shows and a new cd..

NEW CD from Untaymed Vocalist - July 19, 2010

style='display:block; padding:44px 10px 35px;
Christopher Jacobson: Christopher Jacobson -CJJ 2010

Chris' pop/electronica music-MASKERADE.. - July 14, 2010

Don Anderson - July 1, 2010

Studio drummer Donald Anderson,(2005-2006) has passed away suddenly,June 20.2010....Members past and present are crushed by this loss and Untaymed will be performing in a benefit show for the Don Anderson Memorial Fund on August 21..

CJJ Cd - July 1, 2010

Stay tuned for new 7 song solo cd from Untyamed singer,in the style of Untaymed to be released mid July 2010.. Christopher Jacobson,CJJ 2010 is the title..More info soon...

UNTAYMED cd update - July 1, 2010

The release of the new Untaymed cd,"Rising Sun" is now delayed..The song "Reach For The Sky" will still be featured on new cd but release of this has now been pushed back to a later date in 2010...The working title "Rising Sun"will also be changed to a different title upon its release...

Rising Sun cd/ep and more - April 10, 2010

Guitarist,Mike Bushey is currently closing in on wrapping up guitar solos for the upcoming"Rising Sun"cd/ep--Currently the cd is slated to have 5 songs,4 of which will feature Kenny"Rhino"Earl,formerly of Manowar,on drums..
Also in the works for 2010 is an Untaymed full length cd currently called"Echoes From The Past",featuring archive material ,studio and live footage from 1995 thru the present..

New Maskerade cd - February 8, 2010

Chris from Untaymed has the 3rd pop/electronica cd available through mail order currently..Maskerade-"Midnite Soiree"--also available soon through

Rising Sun ep/cd - December 29, 2009

We would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season..The new cd/ep"Rising Sun" is still due out April 2010..This cd will feature Mike Bushey on lead guitar,Jim Miller on bass,Kenny Earl on drums,and Christopher Jacobson on all vocals,rythm guitar,and bass..Songs included will be Reach For The Sky,Rising Sun,Right Now,and The Predator..
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